Christmas Birthday Party

Hosting a birthday party in December can be hard. With busy schedules, extra activities and tight budgets it can be easy to neglect your December babies. Believe us we get it. Promise. (5 of our 10 kids were born in December!!) Here’s a few tips we’ve learned over the years when it comes to celebrating December Birthdays!

*If you choose to host a party at your home, choose a theme or colors that can coordinate with your home decor. There are a LOT of possibilities here: Winter Wonderland, Snow Party, Icing on the Cake Party, Christmas Craft Party, Cookie Decorating Birthday, Camping Party, Buffalo Plaid Party, Gingerbread Decorating Party, PJs and Pancakes, Slumber Party or Movie Night are a few ideas. Choosing a manageable theme is priority No. 1!

*Keep decorations simple and concentrate on one area of your home. For example, a dessert table or consession stand is easy to set up and doesn’t compete with your beautiful holiday decorations.

*Consumable party favors are always nice in a season where kids are bombarded with stuff. We love a cookie, box of candy, or popcorn!

*Keep the guest list maneageable. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE a huge event but in December it can be overwhelming especially if you’re hosting multiple parties.

*Have fun, and CELEBRATE! Try not to incorporate too much :).

Here’s a few pics of a Movie Night Party. Easy set up and clean up and the girls had a blast!

img_8210 img_8214 img_8222 img_8226 img_8228 img_8234 img_8240 img_8246 img_8247 img_8249

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Winter Wonderland Birthday Party

Kacey did such a wonderful job on this Winter Wonderland! Shades of pink and grey filled the dining room, and guests were greeted with “snow”. We kept the decorations in one area and used a ribbon backdrop, hanging ornaments, and coordinating Christmas decorations. We love the way the table turned out! img_7479 img_7481 img_7485 img_7489 img_7491 img_7501 img_7507 img_7510 img_7512 img_7517 img_7523 img_7525 img_7528 img_7530 img_7537 img_7545 img_7547 img_7548There were squeels of delight as the darling girls entered the party. Happy Birthday sweet Lila we adore you, and we loved planning this event with you!


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Baylor Party In A Box

Drumroll please…our Baylor Party In A Box is Ready!! Oooooohhhh, Ahhhhhh. All the clapping hands!

Hosting a Baylor party has never been easier. We handpicked and created everything you’ll need to have an amazing party. We handled all the stress and finished all the crafting for you. WIN-WIN. There are some surprise goodies exclusive to this box, reusable items and a yummy recipe too. You could host a Baylor tailgate party, Baylor football watch party, Baylor birthday party or just display the cuteness in your home.

The Baylor Box will be available for purchase Saturday, Nov. 5th at the Gather Waco pop up shop at the Waco Hippodrome {details to come}.

Get excited and Sic ‘Em Bears!

img_6591img_7013(Food and large yellow #1 not included in box)
img_6592 img_6593 img_6595 img_6588img_6589

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Hosting A Home Happy Hour

We canNOT believe it’s almost November?! Although it still feels like summer here in Waco, TX, we know cooler temps are coming…yay! We absolutely love hosting friends and family this time of year. Inviting people into your home is a wonderful way to show hospitality and we promise it doesn’t need to cause stress.

Purdy Girl Parties tips for a successful Home Happy Hour every single time.

  1. If you’re stressed, your guests will feel stressed. No one really cares if your home is spotless or if your laundry room is picked up, or if you have your hair in a bun! Our first tip is to greet each guest with a calm heart. Sounds easy right?! You’d be surprised how often this first tip is ignored. Greeting friends and family is SO important and sets the tone for the evening.  It lets them know immediately that you are happy they are in your home.
  2. Set food and drinks out for guests to serve themselves. A sit down meal is awesome but can at times lend to awkwardness.  For a Home Happy Hour it should feel casual. Keep the menu simple and only offer a few drinks. We love cracking open a few bottles of wine and a signature cocktail that is premixed. We always include a non-alcoholic option as well.
  3. Remember to have FUN! The whole point is to relax, laugh, and spend time with loved ones or get to know your neighbors better. Setting a Pandora station on low takes tension off guests when they first arrive.  So recap: greet guests, self serve food and drinks, and have fun! You’ve got this.

(Photography by the wonderful Alison Frenzel…Home Happy Hour Party in a box coming soon!)

img_6616 img_6618 img_6620 img_6621


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Baylor Graduation Dinner

One of our FAVORITE venues in Waco is the Baylor Club at McLane Stadium. There are numerous suites available and each event is completely custom with a fabulous background.  Graduation is also a favorite for us because it signifies such an accomplishment and deserves a celebration.  Hats off to all the 2016 Grads this year, hope you celebrate big!

image image image image image image image image image image image image image



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Bouncing Birthday Box

Just because your birthday boy or girl wants to have their party at the trampoline park, bounce house place or gymnastics venue doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all your party swagger. Sometimes keeping it simple is perfectly perfect! This party in a box had everything our client needed to walk into the venue 15 minutes before the party, set up a darling tablescape and enjoy!

We LOVED using the Lilly Pullitzer print to inspire the color scheme and coordinate all the elements.


image image

image image image image

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Spider Man Birthday Party

Another one of our own celebrates a birthday in April!  James Wright is turning three and he loves all things Spidey!  He requested the Jump-N-Place, Spider Man and pizza.  Done!  The best thing about a party at a venue like this is you don’t have to clean up your house!  Also, you can keep the decorations simple and have one main focal point.  We made the dessert table just that with a super hero cityscape.  Adding tiny details to the rest makes for a cute table.  The apple sauces got toughened up with red capes and the banner is made out of old Spider Man comic books.  The kiddos each got a Spider Man mask and a cup of popcorn for their favor.  Such a fun and easy party!

image image image image image image image image image image image

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