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Wallace Rehearsal Dinner

We loved getting to help one of our favorite teachers at WCS plan and execute her sons rehearsal dinner. Maybe it’s because I have four sons and know this will be my party to throw one day, or perhaps it’s because the night before a wedding is filled with so much joy and anticipation of what is to come. These are your people, your village the ones that know you inside and out and love you because of, or in spite of it! But whatever the reason, I have a soft spot for this special part of the wedding weekend. And let’s get real, when rustic reclaimed wood and endless white bouquets come together, what’s not to love?!  In addition to the centerpieces which were overflowing with fresh blooms, candles and pictures of the bride and groom, we created invitations, a personalized menu and kids table activities.


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Yeary Wedding

What a GLORIOUS wedding! Erica and Wes have a fantastic love story and we were honored to be a part of their special day. It was a fast and furious engagement and the entire ceremony and reception was planned and executed in just 24 days! We are very proud of how everything turned out and are very excited for our sweet friends. Using vintage glass, ivory, burlap, gorgeous flowers, lots of candles and pops or turquoise made this wedding an event to remember.

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