Christmas Birthday Party

Hosting a birthday party in December can be hard. With busy schedules, extra activities and tight budgets it can be easy to neglect your December babies. Believe us we get it. Promise. (5 of our 10 kids were born in December!!) Here’s a few tips we’ve learned over the years when it comes to celebrating December Birthdays!

*If you choose to host a party at your home, choose a theme or colors that can coordinate with your home decor. There are a LOT of possibilities here: Winter Wonderland, Snow Party, Icing on the Cake Party, Christmas Craft Party, Cookie Decorating Birthday, Camping Party, Buffalo Plaid Party, Gingerbread Decorating Party, PJs and Pancakes, Slumber Party orĀ Movie Night are a few ideas. Choosing a manageable theme is priority No. 1!

*Keep decorations simple and concentrate on one area of your home. For example, a dessert table or consession stand is easy to set up and doesn’t compete with your beautiful holiday decorations.

*Consumable party favors are always nice in a season where kids are bombarded with stuff. We love a cookie, box of candy, or popcorn!

*Keep the guest list maneageable. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE a huge event but in December it can be overwhelming especially if you’re hosting multiple parties.

*Have fun, and CELEBRATE! Try not to incorporate too much :).

Here’s a few pics of a Movie Night Party. Easy set up and clean up and the girls had a blast!

img_8210 img_8214 img_8222 img_8226 img_8228 img_8234 img_8240 img_8246 img_8247 img_8249

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