Hosting A Home Happy Hour

We canNOT believe it’s almost November?! Although it still feels like summer here in Waco, TX, we know cooler temps are coming…yay! We absolutely love hosting friends and family this time of year. Inviting people into your home is a wonderful way to show hospitality and we promise it doesn’t need to cause stress.

Purdy Girl Parties tips for a successful Home Happy Hour every single time.

  1. If you’re stressed, your guests will feel stressed. No one really cares if your home is spotless or if your laundry room is picked up, or if you have your hair in a bun! Our first tip is to greet each guest with a calm heart. Sounds easy right?! You’d be surprised how often this first tip is ignored. Greeting friends and family is SO important and sets the tone for the evening.  It lets them know immediately that you are happy they are in your home.
  2. Set food and drinks out for guests to serve themselves. A sit down meal is awesome but can at times lend to awkwardness.  For a Home Happy Hour it should feel casual. Keep the menu simple and only offer a few drinks. We love cracking open a few bottles of wine and a signature cocktail that is premixed. We always include a non-alcoholic option as well.
  3. Remember to have FUN! The whole point is to relax, laugh, and spend time with loved ones or get to know your neighbors better. Setting a Pandora station on low takes tension off guests when they first arrive.  So recap: greet guests, self serve food and drinks, and have fun! You’ve got this.

(Photography by the wonderful Alison Frenzel…Home Happy Hour Party in a box coming soon!)

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